July 25, 2009

Simplaris Blogcast, Integrates You'r Blog with Facebook

Crave overflow of traffic into one of any blogger's dream by including my own. And the many ways that we can reaching blog traffic is abundant. Meanwhile, my own, although can not yet realize the dream before, is also still trying to get the overflow traffic from anywhere and in any way. This is also done by professional blogger blogger-caliber international though.

Today, I share one more secret to get traffic from facebook to blog.
Yes, there is various in the facebook application that we can use to connect to the blog. One is using the application Simplaris Blogcast.

The principle of this application is to publish articles from blogs to your facebook page. The purpose other than as I mentioned above, also that the articles we write on the blog can be known by friends and our network in facebook, which is certainly one of the values plus for us to promote blogs that we have.
Let's start from the steps!

  • First of you must do is to log in to your facebook account of each. Then search application in the facebook search box by typing keywordnya: Simplaris Blogcast.
  • After the application page appears, click> Go to application / application to
  • Then enter your blog feed address and click the "Lets Blogcast", and appear in a page, then click "Update"
  • After filling the feed url, blog url, title, etc ... do not forget done!
  • And finally, click the "add to info / add to the info" and "add to profile / add to the profile."

Now, your blog is integrated with the Facebook page. Articles in the publication of your blog is also automatically published to your facebook page through Simplaris Blogcast. That way, we already provide a positive benefit for people who need them. Hopefully useful ..!

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